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BBC and ITV announce World Cup coverage schedule

by Parm Mann on 23 March 2010, 15:32

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The broadcast schedule for the 2010 World Cup has today been confirmed, with the BBC and ITV announcing an agreed split of matches.

As part of the deal, ITV will broadcast England's first two group-stage games, against the USA and Algeria, as well as the opening match between South Africa and Mexico on June 11th.

England's first two games - taking place on Saturday June 12th and Friday June 18th - are both 7:30pm kick offs, and are expected to attract huge television audiences for ITV.

Following those ties, England coverage will switch to the BBC, who will pick up England's third group game against Slovenia on Wednesday June 23rd. Should Capello's team progress past the group stage, the BBC will then have first pick of the last-16 and quarter-final stages, enabling it to show at least two more England games.

England haven't progressed to the semi-final stage for two decades, but if it were to happen, the round-of-four tie would be shown by both the BBC and ITV.

The World Cup final, scheduled to take place at the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg on July 11th - a month after the competition gets underway - will also be broadcast on both channels, irrespective of which teams are featured.

Both the BBC and ITV have already confirmed that the vast majority of the 64 World Cup games will be shown in high definition on either BBC HD or ITV1 HD. However, due to the condensed schedule earlier in the competition, eight group-stage matches are expected to be shown in standard definition on BBC interactive or ITV2, ITV3 or ITV4. The BBC and ITV will also stream their games live on the Internet.

Commenting on the split of games, BBC head of TV sport has said "the BBC are very happy with how the TV split of matches for the World cup has been resolved."

"The BBC has some of the most appetising of the group fixtures, and will be showing live every England match from their final group game onwards, so we hope to be with them for a long and successful campaign. The BBC will aim again to capture the very best of the biggest event of the year across all its outlets, on TV, on radio and online."

ITV's controller of sport Niall Sloane, meanwhile, has stated that "we're delighted that ITV will kick off coverage of this summer's World Cup and that England's two opening games will be shown live on ITV1 in peak time."

"There is no bigger event on UK television or online than the World Cup and ITV will be at the heart of the action from the first kick through to the final whistle."

With the majority of the UK expected to be able to tune in to the 2010 World Cup in high definition via Freeview or other providers, analysts are predicting a surge in TV sales in the weeks leading up to the event. Prior to the 2006 World Cup, UK consumers were found to be purchasing a flat panel TV every 1.7 seconds in the week leading up to kick off.

The complete group-stage schedule for the 2010 World Cup is detailed in the below table.

Date Time Match Channel Venue
Friday, June 11 1500 South Africa v Mexico ITV Johannesburg Soccer City
1930 Uruguay v France BBC Cape Town
Saturday, June 12 1230 South Korea v Greece ITV Port Elizabeth
1500 Argentina v Nigeria BBC Johannesburg Ellis Park
1930 England v USA ITV Rustenburg
Sunday, June 13 1230 Algeria v Slovenia BBC Polokwane
1500 Serbia v Ghana ITV Pretoria
1930 Germany v Australia ITV Durban
Monday, June 14 1230 Netherlands v Denmark ITV Johannesburg Soccer City
1500 Japan v Cameroon BBC Bloemfontein
1930 Italy v Paraguay BBC Cape Town
Tuesday, June 15 1230 New Zealand v Slovakia BBC Rustenburg
1500 Ivory Coast v Portugal ITV Port Elizabeth
1930 Brazil v North Korea ITV Johannesburg Ellis Park
Wednesday, June 16 1230 Honduras v Chile ITV Nelspruit
1500 Spain v Switzerland BBC Durban
1930 South Africa v Uruguay BBC Pretoria
Thursday, June 17 1230 Argentina v South Korea ITV Johannesburg Soccer City
1500 Greece v Nigeria BBC Bloemfontein
1930 France v Mexico BBC Polkowane
Friday, June 18 1230 Germany v Serbia BBC Port Elizabeth
1500 Slovenia v USA BBC Johannesburg Ellis Park
1930 England v Algeria ITV Cape Town
Saturday, June 19 1230 Netherlands v Japan ITV Durban
1500 Ghana v Australia BBC Rustenburg
1930 Cameroon v Denmark ITV Pretoria
Sunday, June 20 1230 Slovakia v Paraguay BBC Bloemfontein
1500 Italy v New Zealand ITV Nelspruit
1930 Brazil v Ivory Coast BBC Johannesburg Soccer City
Monday, June 21 1230 Portugal v North Korea BBC Cape Town
1500 Chile v Switzerland BBC Port Elizabeth
1930 Spain v Honduras ITV Johannesburg Ellis Park
Tuesday, June 22 1500 Mexico v Uruguay ITV Rustenburg
1500 France v South Africa ITV Bloemfontein
1930 Nigeria v South Korea BBC Durban
1930 Greece v Argentina BBC Polkowane
Wednesday, June 23 1500 Slovenia v England BBC Port Elizabeth
1500 USA v Algeria BBC Pretoria
1930 Australia v Serbia ITV Nelspruit
1930 Ghana v Germany ITV Johannesburg Soccer City
Thursday, June 24 1500 Slovakia v Italy ITV Johannesburg Ellis Park
1500 Paraguay v New Zealand ITV Polokwane
1930 Denmark v Japan BBC Rustenburg
1930 Cameroon v Holland BBC Cape Town
Friday, June 25 1500 Portugal v Brazil BBC Durban
1500 North Korea v Ivory Coast BBC Nelspruit
1930 Chile v Spain ITV Pretoria
1930 Switzerland v Honduras ITV Bloemfontein

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Yet again, wheres my DVB-T2 card :(
Looks like ITV have a better deal than BBC for the first found (in terms of England matches), but then I suppose they could afford to pay top dollar for them with the advertising revenue these matches will generate.
Looks like ITV have a better deal than BBC for the first found (in terms of England matches), but then I suppose they could afford to pay top dollar for them with the advertising revenue these matches will generate.

And the only games that England are guaranteed to be featured in :P
if there are pcie/usb cards for freeview HD, will we need an external ariel to hook it upto?
Yet again, wheres my DVB-T2 card :(

Exactly, what on earth is going on? Manufacturers have plenty of notice but all seem to have dropped the ball.

At least I have a Freeview HD TV, shame I can't record any of it.