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BBC extends Freesat iPlayer coverage

by Parm Mann on 18 January 2010, 12:12

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Following a limited beta late in 2009, the BBC has confirmed that it has made its iPlayer service available to a wider range of Freesat viewers.

The BBC's on-demand service, which recorded more than 100 million requests for programmes in December, is being evaluated as a beta on the free-to-air Freesat service and is now available to all users of a Humax-branded Freesat HD receiver connected to a broadband connection of at least 1Mbps.

In order to put the service to the test, users can tune into any BBC channel, press the red button and when the BBC homepage loads, type in the code 5483 and press enter. The service will return a "number not found" message, but iPlayer will appear on screen seconds later.

Although only available via Humax receivers at this point, the BBC adds that iPlayer will become available to all other Freesat HD receivers and Freesat HD-ready TVs in the coming months.

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News I have been wating for. I will have to give this a go when I get home tonight.

I wonder how the Mrs will feel about ethernet cables streached across the living room floor?:inquisiti
News I have been wating for. I will have to give this a go when I get home tonight.

It worked, but not that great. The UI was rather slow and clunky. Picture quality was about the same as a VHS recording, definitely less than normal standard def broadcast TV, but not that bad. OK from the sofa, but not a good idea to stand to close to the set.

The show I was watching was due to finish at about quarter past nine. At nine PM I discovered that you can't record two shows while watching a third via the iPlayer (you can from a hard disc recording).

I wonder how the Mrs will feel about Ethernet cables stretched across the living room floor?:inquisiti

My cable was quite a trip hazard, but I will be buying a longer one so I scan string it up neatly.