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Raumfeld expands wireless stereo sound offering with stereo “One S” system

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Combining two One S' delivers True Wireless High Fidelity sound in stereo mode, perfect for small rooms and apartments

London, 15 July 2015 - Raumfeld, the makers of high fidelity multi-room streaming systems, today announced that it has expanded its stereo system offering to include the One S. Music fans will be able to combine two One S' together to deliver a full stereo system in True Wireless High Fidelity.
Perfect for small rooms and flats, the One S was only previously available as a single speaker, but music lovers can now experience an almost as rich and powerful sound as the other stereo systems in the Raumfeld range such as the Stereo Cubes and Stereo M. 
Beautiful design and set up simplicity
The Raumfeld One S is small, but exquisitely formed and can certainly pack a punch. The Red Dot Award winning modern minimalist design, combined with high-quality sound, means music is delivered the way artists want it to be heard.
Quick and easy to set up, consumers can access both One S' through the Raumfeld App, available on Android™ and iOS®. The two speakers can be linked and placed in stereo mode through the app's settings and room configuration in just a few easy steps. Users will then be able to enjoy services such as TIDAL, local radio stations or their own music. If users already have the Raumfeld App, it's just a simple case of updating it to get the enhanced stereo functionality, brought to you with two of the Raumfeld One S. 

Technical refinements and impressive sound processed in the One S
The two-way coaxial arrangement of the Raumfeld One S consists of a long-stroke 90 mm ​​woofer with a projecting 25 mm tweeter, thereby guaranteeing an almost point-shaped sound source for very precise and detailed reproduction qualities. The Raumfeld One S achieves, in spite of its compact size, low frequencies for a powerful and strong bass reproduction. Two 95 mm wide passive bass drivers on the sides give the small One S official bass. Thanks to the low-noise 50-watt Class D amplifier, the One S produces a high-quality, distortion-free level.

About Raumfeld

Raumfeld was founded in 2008 in the belief that streaming is the future of music listening. Since then, Raumfeld has created a multi-room Wi-Fi audio system that enables the enjoyment of a nearly limitless selection of music from private collections and the cloud. The German-engineered speakers support lossless digital files and play them back in true high fidelity. All system functionality - including a selection of popular music streaming services - can be intuitively controlled via a free app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

In 2010, Raumfeld was acquired by Teufel Audio. The Berlin manufacturer's over 35 years' experience creating quality loudspeakers is expressed in Raumfeld's premium audio hardware. The coming together of sophisticated streaming software and high-quality loudspeaker construction results in a mature system for seamless multi-room streaming with hi-fi playback.

In 2015 Raumfeld was awarded the Red Dot Award for best "product design" for its sophisticated, unique design.

You can buy the bundle of Raumfeld One S here.

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