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Hyperoptic pioneers ‘no contract’ fibre broadband

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In stark contrast to the rest of the UK’s broadband industry, Hyperoptic, the nation’s fastest broadband provider, is putting consumers first by introducing a ‘no contract’ option for new customers.

Hyperoptic is the UK’s leading Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband provider. Renowned for pioneering gigabit connectivity and symmetrical broadband, as well as broadband-only services (no phone line required), it is now adding another feather to its bow – flexibility.

The minimum contract term for fibre broadband packages in the UK is typically 12-18 months. Consumers who want to be released from these fixed contracts are subject to significant exit penalties.

Dana Tobak, Managing Director, Hyperoptic, comments: “In a market such as broadband, it can be hard to compare competing products – especially when most of them are the same. Many broadband companies try and stand out from the crowd by investing millions in their advertising and by attempting to lure customers to sign lengthy contracts by giving away free gifts.

“At Hyperoptic we are proud to be different, as well as the fastest. We were the first broadband company in the UK to offer consumers gigabit connectivity by using our own, dedicated network - over 135 times faster than traditional ASDL services. Now, by offering consumers a ‘no contract’ option, we are giving people what they want and need: the UK’s fastest most consistent broadband with complete flexibility.”

The costs for Hyperoptic’s ‘no contract’ services are outlined below – there is also a one-time set up and installation fee of £40, which includes a gigabit router.

Hyperoptic broadband and phone – monthly cost (inc. VAT)

  • 20Mb - £11 (plus a landline fee of £16)
  • 100Mb - £25 (plus a landline fee of £16)
  • 1Gb - £51 (plus a landline fee of £16)

This includes free evening and weekend UK landline calls. A competitive "Anytime UK Plan” and "International Plan” are also available.

Hyperoptic broadband only – monthly cost (inc. VAT)

  • 20Mb - £24
  • 100Mb - £38
  • 1Gb - £64

About Hyperoptic 

Hyperoptic is the UK’s leading Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) provider, pioneering the UK fibre gold standard: the country’s fastest, most consistent and reliable Internet service. Its fast, symmetrical gigabit services are over 135 times faster than traditional ASDL services. Services are delivered via Hyperoptic’s own dedicated fibre network, which means that customers can always connect to the Internet at the speeds advertised.

Hyperoptic works with property owners, developers and professionals, designing and installing dedicated fibre infrastructure to new buildings, and retrofitting improvements to existing developments. Its award-winning services are currently available to consumers and businesses across 12 cities and towns across the UK. It aims to have its hyper-fast service available to over half a million homes by 2018.

Founded in 2011, the company was named ‘Best Superfast Broadband’ provider and “Best Use of Digital’ at the 2014 Internet Service Providers’ Association Awards and “Most Innovative Provider 2013” by Broadband Genie.