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ComfortWay Announces Multicarrier SIM on iPhone 5 & 6 for Mobile Internet in 100+ countries at local rates

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Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Take Pre-Orders 

San Francisco, CA - November 14, 2014 - ComfortWay, makers of the ComfortWay Roaming Free device, has developed and deployed a multicarrier, virtual SIM technology and cloud billing platform that provides international travelers with Mobile Internet in 100+ countries at local rates (just 2 cents per MB). ComfortWay is now incorporating its proven technology into an extended battery case for iPhone 5/6, and today announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to take pre-orders for the ‘ComfortWay Travel Case.' 

The Kickstarter campaign page for the ComfortWay Travel Case is located at:

"We've been selling our technology in Europe since 2012 in mobile Internet routers, and now we are licensing it to embed into an extended battery case designed for iPhones," said Oleg Pravdin, founder and CEO of ComfortWay. "Apple's recent announcement of their ‘Apple SIM' has finally put the spotlight on multi-carrier SIM technology, but unlike Apple our ComfortWay Travel Case works with more than 100 mobile operator networks, and our solution supports all models of iPhone 5 and iPhone 6." 

ComfortWay Travel Case includes a 2400 mAh battery case that has ComfortWay's proprietary Virtual SIM hardware embedded. ComfortWay already works on 50 mobile operator networks and will soon expand to 100+ mobile operators in 100 countries. 

90% Cost Savings

ComfortWay offers "pay-as-you-go" data roaming from $10 to $20 per GB with no monthly plans and no contracts - that is 10 times lower compared to AT&T's Passport Data ($150 per GB) and Verizon's Global Data ($250 per GB). 

How it Works

To get global data roaming, users purchase the ComfortWay Travel Case and download ComfortWay's free mobile app. When a user arrives in a foreign country, they just snap their iPhone into the case, click ‘Start Mobile Internet' on the app and enjoy cellular Internet access at local rates. The ComfortWay app monitors data usage in real time and users can top off their credits with just one click via the app. Users can purchase ‘pay-as-you-go' data at 2 cents per MB ($20 per GB). Data credits never expire. 

ComfortWay Travel Case connects to the iPhone via a low-power Wi-Fi signal, so VoIP apps can be used to make voice calls and users can keep their regular phone number anywhere in the world. ComfortWay Travel Case can also be used as a mobile Wi-Fi ‘hotspot' for up to 10 simultaneous users. 

About ComfortWay 

ComfortWay was founded in 2012 by Oleg Pravdin, after a business trip to Europe and Asia left him with a $5000 data roaming charge on his mobile phone bill.  The experience inspired Oleg and his team to perfect a multicarrier Virtual SIM technology and Cloud Billing platform that delivers mobile data at local rates around the world. 

ComfortWay is now a multinational team with offices in the USA, Europe and China, and its Roaming Free mobile devices currently operate in 30 countries and are being sold in major airports throughout Europe. Partnerships with popular booking systems like,,, and others lets users earn free data roaming credits after booking hotel reservations or related travel activities.