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Mio Unveils its New SmartHome Solution - MioSMART - at MWC 2016

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(Barcelona, Spain, Feb 22nd, 2016) Mio, a subsidiary of MiTAC International Corp. and the leading name in personal navigation devices (PNDs), is happy to announce the extension of its brand into an entirely new territory – the Smart Home category. During the Mobile World Congress 2016, Mio will unveil its Smart Home product solution, MioSMART, which includes IP CAMs, Smart Home Hub & Sensors and the Personal Cloud Device.

MioSMART delivers a total solution for home security and safety. With the perfect combination of IoT device, smartphone app, and cloud platform, MioSMART creates an integrated solution to protect and monitor the home environment, or anywhere security is a concern. Along with real-time video monitoring, the MioSMART IP CAM provides three types of recording storage: 1) Internal storage on MicroSD card, 2) cloud storage and 3) personal storage device. Not only can users monitor their recordings in real time, but they can also save them for future review or share them with friends and family.

In addition to real-time IP CAM monitoring, MioSMART also includes door and window sensors, which can detect home intrusions. When a break-in occurs, users immediately receive alerts via the smartphone app.

Mio President Steve Chang said: “Mio is a pioneer in the digital video recorder (DVR) sector. With our outstanding knowhow in camera technology, we have consistently delivered more safety and peace of mind to our users on the road. Now, we are taking the next step by applying our technology in the home security field, bringing all-around security to the lives of our customers.”

To deliver live video streams, the MioSMART IP CAM utilizes ThroughTek’s P2P technology for connected devices, allowing users to connect remotely access their IP CAMs from their smartphone directly without the need for a hub. The P2P technology and Relay Servers increases data delivery speed by 10-30%, while reducing cloud server costs.

“ThroughTek is pleased to support the development of Mio’s first IoT-enabled device with the release of its MioSMART IP CAM,” said ThroughTek CEO Patrick Kuo. “Mio represents an ideal customer for ThroughTek, as our main focus as an IoT solution provider is in enhancing performance and delivery of multimedia and content-rich files. This is of utmost importance when it comes to providing a smart home security and surveillance solution,”

For a complete introduction to Mio’s Smart Home solution, please visit us at the booth of our partner – ThroughTek (booth at Fira Gran Via, Halll 8.0, #E39) from February 22nd to February 25th.

About Mio

Mio develops and markets products that enable users to take advantage of the latest developments in mobile services. The brand was established in May 2002 and today has operations in Taiwan, mainland China, Europe, North America, Australia, Japan and South Korea. Mio currently employs more than 900 individuals worldwide, and sells and markets its products in over 38 countries and territories. 

It is Mio’s belief that mobile life and mobile business will remain an integral part of life into our future. Mio’s brand tagline, “Explore More”, focuses on changing the way people experience the world while letting users know that they can explore the world easily and freely with Mio products.