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Griffin Introduces Sleek New Colors for Popular Desktop Accessories

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Style meets productivity with PowerMate Bluetooth, Elevator and Guide now available in new colors                     

Las Vegas – January 4, 2016 –Griffin Technology, creator of award-winning and thoughtfully designed mobile accessories, announces sleek, new color offerings to their best-selling desktop accessories - PowerMate Bluetooth, Elevator and Guide. These fan favorites now include colors that match the modern and elegant design of Apple’s MacBooks.

“As Apple's MacBook continues to push the boundaries with performance, design and innovation, users look for accessories that do the same and take their technology to the next level," said Eric Carroll, Category Manager for Desktop Accessories at Griffin. “PowerMate Bluetooth, Elevator and Guide were designed with the avid Mac user in mind by creating products that increase productivity with a minimalist design to fit everyone’s style.” 

Griffin’s PowerMate Bluetooth ($59.99), traditionally available in silver, will soon be available in gray, gold and black. The gray will feature a blue glowing base, while the gold will have a white glowing base, and the black, a red.  The wireless controller replicates key commands and system events in virtually any application, allowing users to streamline routine tasks that can be frustrating with a mouse such as controlling audio playback, jogging through audio and video timelines, and changing brush sizes and types in design software.

PowerMate Bluetooth utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to any compatible Mac computer within a 30-foot range, eliminating messy wires for a clean, untethered look. The PowerMate Manager app makes it quick and easy to program PowerMate for both beginners and advanced users alike with a simple twist or a click. PowerMate is also a convenient volume knob and is configured to work with iTunes and other audio applications right out of the box. PowerMate Bluetooth in gray, gold and black, will be added to the traditional silver offering in March 2016 at griffintechnology.com/us/powermate-bluetooth. Its predecessor, the original PowerMate USB, will also be available in new colors including gray, gold and black in Q2 2016 at griffintechnology.com/us/powermate.

Gold, gray and black color options will also be added to the traditional silver offering for Griffin’s Elevator laptop stand. Elevator ($39.99) safely and securely raises a laptop computer at just the right height to match external monitors. This ideal height relieves neck strain and provides valuable desk real estate for an additional mouse or keyboard, giving users the feel of a desktop computer. Elevator also keeps laptops in good health with 360 degrees of air circulation, minimizing the chance of overheating. Elevator in gold, gray and black will be available in March 2016 at griffintechnology.com/us/elevator

Part cable management system and part building blocks, Griffin’s Guide ($39.99) will now be available in gold, gray and silver offerings. Guide organizes cables with beauty and elegance on any surface with its three gray steel bases and three anodized aluminum magnetic anchors. The different shapes of the anchors (small, medium, and large) allow for cables of various sizes to be held in place and gives users the option to use just one anchor, or a combination of all three.

Guide helps users to easily access cords like mobile device chargers, HDMI cables and power adapters right from a desk or bedside table. Its modern and clean look complements the new colored aluminum finish of Apple’s MacBooks. Guide in gold, gray and silver will be added to the current orange offering in March 2016 at griffintechnology.com/us/guide.

For more information about Griffin Technology during CES 2016, please visit Booth #31425 in South Hall 3.

About Griffin Technology

Founded on Paul Griffin’s kitchen table in 1992, Griffin Technology Inc., is today one of the world’s foremost creators of accessories for home, mobile, and personal technology. Today, Griffin products are conceived, designed and developed in-house and continue to push the envelope of the industry they helped create. Learn more about Griffin’s entire range of ingenious designs at www.GriffinTechnology.comwww.facebook.com/griffintech and on Twitter @griffintech.