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New Tick Tock™ Dock by Edifier®

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Start the Day with this Alarm Clock Docking Station with FM Radio and Apple iPod and iPhone Input

London, UK, 15th September 2011, Edifier® International, prominent designer and manufacturer of high-end consumer audio electronics for both the lifestyle and multimedia market has unveiled the Tick Tock Dock.

Dock and set your alarm on your iPod/iPhone for a great start to your day with the retro-styled Tick Tock Dock alarm clock speaker system by Edifier. The two 360° degree omni-directional full range speakers allow for multi-directional rich sound that can be easily controlled using your docked iPod/iPhone for both playlist navigation, FM tuning and volume control. A pivoting iPod/iPhone dock allows users to hide the dock and use the clock, FM radio independently or other audio sources by connecting to the auxiliary input. When ready to dock or charge your iPod/iPhone, simply pivot the dock to the front and enjoy your favourite tunes. Waking up has never been easier, with 5 pre-set alarms, time synchronization with your iPhone, a selection of media options and day selective alarm for your weekend sleep in.

Main Features:

  • iPod and iPhone compatible docking stage
  • FM radio function (24 present channels) iPod and iPhone compatible docking stage
  • FM radio function (24 present channels)
  • Auxiliary 3.5mm input for additional audio connectivity
  • Alarm clock function with choice of audio output for iPod/iPhone, FM radio or auxiliary input
  • 1½ inch omni-directional, full range speakers
  • 5 available pre-set alarm options & iPhone time synchronization
  • LCD display screen for FM/AUX/Alarm/Time/Date functions
  • Volume, track navigation, FM tuner, alarm settings and input selection controls
  • International FM radio frequency selection


The Tick Tock Dock is available in Black, Silver, and Beige from Amazon at SRP £59.99 inc. 

About Edifier® International:

Edifier® International is a global leader in the production of innovative speaker systems that are solely manufactured by Edifier Technologies Ltd. Edifier International is internationally recognized for the high quality sound, design and the easy to use, affordable products. Edifier International has been awarded by several internationally recognized awards for a range of products for both engineering and design excellence.

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