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Get the latest titles wherever you are with the iriver WiFi Story

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London, England 7th July 2010: iriver, a leading innovator in stylish digital devices and digital entertainment products, today announces availability of its iriver WiFi Story ebook reader in the UK. At under 10mm thick and weighing only 291.5g, this stunning, slim device beats even the shortest novella in size and weight - yet offers the ability to store thousands of books on its 2GB internal memory.

The latest titles, anywhere

As its name suggests, this Linux-based device features WiFi (802.11b/g) connectivity, enabling users to download books on the move via the device's direct, embedded connection to the WHSmith online book store - so they're never left without a good book to read.

The iriver WiFi Story uses a 6", 600x800 resolution electronic paper display (EPD) to render ebooks using 16 levels of grey. This technology offers a reading experience very similar to printed ink on paper and does not use a backlight, eradicating the eye-strain and visibility issues associated with viewing a notebook or PC screen for long lengths of time. The device runs a powerful, customised Linux platform named iriver Flow; this offers a powerful, feature-rich interface, capable of quickly rendering documents, pages and menus. Landscape-orientated books can be easily rotated for horizontal viewing using a button on the keyboard.

Far more than an ebook reader

The device can view a myriad of document formats - EPUB, PDF, TXT, FB2 and DJVU support ensures compatibility with any commercial ebook formats, while extensive support for Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word documents makes working on the move simple. The iriver WiFi Story also includes a comic book viewer mode, rendering greyscale comic books and graphic novels; these can be JPEG, BMP, GIF or PNG files stored in compressed CBZ (ZIP) format.  This makes the device ideal for comic book enthusiasts of all ages.

But the iriver WiFi Story is far more than a viewer - located beneath the screen, the WiFi Story's QWERTY keyboard offers a perfectly tactile way to interact with the reader, enabling users to take notes, memos and manage their diary from the device, as well as to easily search for keywords within searchable documents and online. Further to this, a built-in microphone, speaker and headphone socket enables MP3, WMA and OGG music playback, as well as the recording and playback of voice notes in MP3 format.

The iriver WiFi Story uses a mini USB 2.0 connection to charge its battery and transfer files to its 2GB of internal memory. This memory can be expanded by 32GB via its SDHC card slot. One charge offers up to 9000 page views.

The iriver WiFi Story will be available from WHSmith and other leading retailers soon priced at £250.

Please see http://www.iriver.co.uk/ for further details.

Technical specifications

Screen Type






600 x 800




Color Depth

16 greyscale



Linux 2.6.28

Key Structure

Qwerty, cursors, Next,Prev x 2, Power


UI Framework

iriver Flow

Product Color



Supported Files


Internal Storage




ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, hwp

External Storage





Product Size

127 x 203.5 x 9.4




Product Weight





Operating Temperature

0~40 'C


Memo Function

Yes (Using Keypad)

Storage Type

mobi NAND


Diary Function

Yes (Using Keypad)


1Gbit (mobile/DDR)


Viewer Function

Move to page, Table of contents, bookmark, Landscape mode, PDF reflow, Zoom in/out, Font Change, Text search function


1800mAh (9000 pages)


Supported host OS

Window XP, Vista, 7, OS X

Connection Type

mini USB 2.0



USB Cable

About iriver:

Founded in 2000, iriver is a leading innovator in stylish digital devices and digital entertainment products and a premium lifestyle brand for Digital Entertainment enthusiasts. With its leading portable audio, video and ebook product portfolio, the company offers end users a full range of high quality products in trend-setting designs together with an easy usability approach.