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Moleskine & Microsoft announce partnership

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A strategic partnership between Microsoft and Moleskine: a brand new Moleskine app designed exclusively for Windows

Moleskine presents the Moleskine Notes App, that for the first time allows you to effortlessly sync your handwritten notes, pie-charts, graphs and presentations created on your Moleskine Paper Tablet notebook directly to your Windows 10 device – either Surface or OEM devices - as you write and create in real time. The new free app specifically designed for Windows 10 devices will be released in mid-November 2017. 

The App is a first step in a new partnership with Microsoft, which will continue to develop in 2018. Both companies share a common vision in terms of creating services and objects which boost and facilitate collaboration. The partnership delivers an experience that bridges the analog and digital world by bringing your notes and ideas all in one place, seamlessly working together to unleash peoples’ potential and enhance productivity.

The Moleskine Notes App for Windows is the latest addition to the Moleskine Smart Writing System, a series of iconic objects that work in tandem with the App and bring together the analog and digital worlds: a Moleskine Paper Tablet notebook, a Moleskine Smart Planner and a Pen+ smart pen.

The magic lies in the specially developed invisible NcodeTM technology embedded within each page of the Paper Tablets which enables the Moleskine Pen+, a specially engineered smart pen, to recognize where it is within the paper tablet and transfer all your hand created content directly to the Moleskine notes app for Windows 10. With the new Moleskine Notes App for Windows, developed by NeoLAB Convergence, your ideas move from paper to computer seamlessly, simplifying your life while boosting and encouraging creativity and collaborative endeavors.

In sync with the demands and realities of a modern work life, the new app introduces a number of features which fit into your dynamic professional realities on the run. For instance, handwritten notes can instantly be digitized in 15 different languages and the content you create can be transferred as you write and draw onto larger screens or TVs, making meetings, pitches and brainstorming sessions far more engaging and effective.

The app also boasts a brand new feature, Collaborative Ideation, which lets you connect up to 7 smart pens at the same time, (and you can even name them!) which means that several people sitting in on the same meeting can all actively participate in the development of any given project simultaneously. The Pen+ also stores all your handwritten content that you might happen to need to write on the fly, and then instantly transfers all your ideas to the app whenever you decide to connect.

The Moleskine Notes App for Windows 10 is especially conceived for a new productivity and takes another step in bridging the analog world to the digital one, making your life easier, more efficient and helping you to grow your personal and professional potential and narrative, also in a smart-working perspective. 

What other things can the Notes App do?

  • Back up your notebooks to your personal Cloud where supported. Also compatible with notebooks you back up from the Moleskine Notes App for Android and iOS. 
  • When using more than one pen, you can see what each person is writing in real time and choose to enlarge one of the screens/pages being written on. 
  • You can tag your pages and search the material you created with them. 
  • Export a time lapse of pen strokes as a video (mp4). 
  • Copy images written on paper and paste them into Windows 10 software such as PowerPoint, OneNote and Word. Simply select “copy” and it copies the whole page. 
  • Copy your handwriting and paste it to a Word or PowerPoint as digital text. 
  • Transfer a double spread page as well as a single page to your Windows device. 
  • Sync your Moleskine Smart Planner appointments to your personal digital calendar where supported.

The Smart Writing Set and the Smart Planner are available for purchase online at store.moleskine.com, at Moleskine Retail Stores worldwide and selected retailers. 

Smart Writing Set Prices:

Smart Writing Set (Paper Tablet and Pen+): €229/ $199 / £199
Smart Planner: €29.90 / $29.90 / £25.99

Moleskine® was created as a brand in 1997, bringing back to life the nameless black notebooks used by writers and artists like Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin that had long gone out of print.

Today, the Moleskine brand encompasses a family of objects that enhance productivity and creativity including notebooks, diaries and planners, journals, bags, writing instruments, reading accessories, publishing and digital tools. The Moleskine brand is a worldwide presence thanks to over 70 Moleskine Stores and the innovative retail concept, the Moleskine Café.

The home office in Milan, Italy includes wholly-owned subsidiaries, Moleskine America, Inc. (established in 2008), Moleskine France (2013), Moleskine Germany (2013) and Moleskine Asia Ltd (2011), which controls Moleskine Shanghai and Moleskine Singapore.

About Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.