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Plex updates Android mobile player

Quick Link: HEXUS.net/qaeae4

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Today Plex pushed a bunch of new features to its Android mobile player, all officially out of beta. 

The updates include:

  • Updated UI - Experience video with the same elegant user interface as music
  • Picture-in-Picture - Press the home button during video playback to enter PIP mode. Enjoy other apps or browse through your Plex library while continuing to watch videos 
  • Better Seeking - Scrub along the seekbar by dragging to see a thumbnail preview (note this requires that previews be enabled in your Plex Media Server) OR double tap the left or right side of the video to seek backwards or forwards quickly
  • New Viewing Modes - Change the display mode to fill, stretch and show the video at original size (under Playback Settings > Display Mode). Watch videos with your phone in portrait, landscape-lock can be used to keep landscape only mode (under Playback Settings > Lock to Landscape)
  • Chapters - Jump ahead or skip back to your favorite chapter without digging. around for the right spot
  • Preload Next Videos - When the countdown takes place on the post-play, the next video in your play-queue begins to buffer for an instant start 

As a reminder, anyone can also try Plex free for 30 days by signing up here https://www.plex.tv/ad/free-trial-plex-pass/.