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QOTW: Where do you buy your music?

by Parm Mann on 6 April 2012, 17:05

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Our previous Question of the Week - where do buy your games? - stirred up quite a debate and we surprised to find that so many of you choose to purchase your games digitally.

The majority of your replies suggested that digital distribution is quickly becoming the norm, but does the same theory apply to other forms of multimedia? It's a topic that's worth revisiting, so this week we're adding a twist by asking; where do you buy your music?

With it now so easy to hold thousands of songs on the tiniest of MP3 players, do you still insist on owning the physical copy or are you happy to make do with digital downloads? And, if you fall into the latter camp, is MP3 quality important to you, or will you accept nothing less than lossless?

Let us know in the comments below; where do you buy your music?

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Switched to Spotify Premium recently, but before I was using Napster because it was a fiver a month with 5 free track credits. Then Rhapsody bought them and did away with that, butchering the user interface in the process. So I guess I don't buy music any more, but neither do I pirate it.

Occasionally I buy albums, but usually from Amazon because they don't bend you over like HMV does.
HMV's 2/3 for £x mostly.
I still way prefer to have a CD in my hands so for essential releases I still go to the high street and pick it up on day of release; I don't like purchasing CDs online because they could take a week to deliver and I still like to play CDs on my stereo so downloading from iTunes is a no no. Non essential stuff like songs I hear on the radio that I like get ‘downloaded’… :secret::whip: If I like those songs enough I go on a spree during sales time and pick up the CDs for cheap :woowoo:
CD's all the way, I like to have the physical copy which allows me to rip at max quality. The only digital tracks that I've downloaded have been when Amazon, rather unexpectedly, gave me credit to spend on their music downloads (with a number of purchases).
Physical CDs, generally from Amazon. I love my .wavs and flacs. Nowhere seems to sell these digitally.