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HANNspree belatedly joins the netbook party

by Scott Bicheno on 7 May 2009, 11:22

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Good luck

The fact that the world's biggest OEMs have already established themselves in the red-hot netbook market doesn't seem to have put off Taiwanese display outfit HANNspree from giving it a go. But then again, you could've said the same about displays a few years ago.

It will be launching the HANNSnote in the UK next month. Expect to see a ten inch screen, shiny plastic and a six cell battery in a 1.2 kg unit costing under £300.

Martin Kent, territory manager for the UK and Northern Europe, said: "We have drawn upon our expertise in unique design and quality display manufacturing to create, what we believe, will be the new fashion accessory for the modern gadget lover that demands style."

HANNspree owes some of its success in the display market to novel designs. It clearly hopes this trend will replicate itself in the netbook market. Does this mean we can expect to see ‘Hello Kitty' models and that sort of thing?

Judging by the images on the next page, they will only come in shiny black and shiny white initially. It's not clear, therefore, what HANNspree thinks it brings to the table to differentiate the HANNSnote from all the other netbooks out there.