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HEXUS.sharewatch - 18th May 2006

by Steve Kerrison on 18 May 2006, 11:00

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Last week didn't look all that exciting for the shares we keep a track of. ATI (ATYT) was the worst performer and there were no significant shifts in the positive direction for anyone, week-on-week. So it's a shame this week looks even more depressing...

Company Listing Share Price ($US) 7-day change
AMD AMD 30.77 -6.3%
Apple AAPL 65.26 -7.6%
ATI Technologies ATYT 16.11 -1.6%
Dell DELL 23.63 -5.0%
Google GOOG 374.50 -7.1%
IBM IBM 81.27 -2.0%
Intel INTC 18.66 -4.6%
Microsoft MSFT 22.73 -4.3%
NVIDIA NVDA 24.96 -15.4%

A lovely splash of red across the board. Let's start with the worst off, Nvidia. Last week they published quarterly earnings that were better than expected. However, there seem to be concerns over whether nVidia can keep up the pace.

Deutsche Bank named a number of risks for Nvidia, such as the prospect that chief competitor ATI Technologies Inc. of Canada was poised to increase its revenue share, and that it would be difficult for Nvidia to further improve its gross margins in the second half of the year.

Reuters has more on this one.

Despite that, the threat to Nvidia - ATI - doesn't seem to have benefitted as a result. They too published quarterly results and after a slight drop in price on Monday, shares picked up again Tuesday. All-in-all, the end result is that over the last week, ATI's have dropped in price, although it might be worth noting that they dropped by the smallest percentage of any of the companies we keep an eye on.

The day that AMD was talking about its new desktop chips saw its shares fall, then the day after - dual core Turion day - things picked up again.

Google is under the $400 mark once again, having been talking about its future, which is still stronly tied to searching (and advertising.) Will Microsoft and Yahoo catch them up, though? Maybe that's the concern of some.

Microsoft and MTV are taking on iTunes. Not much seems to stand in the way of Apple, but Microsoft have half a chance, and the day this was announced saw a drop in share price for Apple.

So, not a great week, it seems, but maybe we'll see some green next week. Meanwhile, if you have any insight to add to this week's share trends, let us know in the HEXUS.community!

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equity markets are hitting a wall generally at the moment. 1wk chgs are around -4% for US and -5% for europe and asia. much really depends on the overall economic newsflow and direction of the commodity markets atm. i suspect this is going to bounce back, but if the FTSE breaks below 5600 then we may be in for sharper drops in the uk.
Yeah it has been a bad week for pretty much all shares.

However, AMD have had some very good news today: Dell to use AMD chips in servers!

Dell said it will introduce new AMD Opteron processors in its high-end multi-processor servers by the end of the year. Many industry analysts have speculated that Dell would make such a move in light of AMD's market share and performance gains over the number-one chip maker Intel, which until today exclusively supplied the microprocessors in all of Dell's computers.