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HEXUS.sharewatch - 27th April 2006

by Steve Kerrison on 27 April 2006, 14:59

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This week the only real mover seems to be Google.

Company Listing Share Price ($US) 7-day change
AMD AMD 32.80 1.26
Apple AAPL 68.15 2.5
ATI Technologies ATYT 16.25 -0.26
Dell DELL 26.22 -2.37
Google GOOG 425.97 15.47
IBM IBM 83.35 1.49
Intel INTC 19.49 -0.06
Microsoft MSFT 27.10 0.05
NVIDIA NVDA 28.71 -0.45

There's a little more green than last week, but no serious movement, with Google being the only possible exception.

AMD continue to make some ground on Intel, which is reflected in their shares, nudging them up slightly. Not much happening at Apple or ATI, although there is news today that ATI is to invest $50mil into an R&D facility in India.

On Thursday Citigroup downgraded Dell's stock to sell which resulted in a drop on Friday, without much movement thereafter, so Dell shares sit a couple of dollars down compared to last week.

Skimming over the remaining shares and looking at Google for a moment, then, what's going on there? Half of the web's search advertising revenue, that's what. Google's ad business is doing well, pushing up their Q1 earnings beyond estimates, leading to shares hitting nearly $450 at opening on Friday. Just where will it stop for Google?

So, not a lot happening this week, although clearly Google continues to perform well.

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You might want to put a ‘% change’ column in the table, as in reality this is the important figure for an investor.

In % terms, AMD has changed more than Google, so if this is considered then the first sentence of the article is slightly misleading.

Google isn't really the only mover in that list. Apple moved by the same amount. ~3.6%

You really need to show the percentage change if you want to show up the moves in the shares.

damn schmunk beat me too it…