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Target becomes exclusive UK distie for Team

by Scott Bicheno on 5 March 2009, 10:56

Tags: Team Group, Target Components

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Joining the team

Castleford distie Target Components is continuing with its strategy of acquiring exclusive UK distribution rights to component vendors by signing up memory maker Team Group.

For anyone not familiar with Team, it specialises in RAM but also makes flash products like SSDs, USB drives and SD cards. In that respect it's in the same space as the likes of Corsair, OCZ, Kingston, etc.

Target is already the exclusive distributor for Biostar in the UK. MD Paul Cubbage explained the thinking behind taking on Team. "Our primary aim is to establish Team as a leading brand in the UK," he said. "We believe that the price to performance offering across the full range is second to none, outperforming leading brands and offering higher margins for resellers."

"Memory has always been a strong product area for us, but we believe there is massive potential for growth. We have identified memory as one of our key focus areas this year, and we are already seeing our memory business at more than double last year's levels. We are becoming recognised in the channel as a leading supplier of memory products."

Recently appointed memory specialist Mahmoud Madaci recently spoke exclusively to to offer his predictions for the memory market. The interview can be seen here.


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