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Target Components becomes exclusive UK distie for Biostar motherboards

by Scott Bicheno on 7 August 2008, 13:00

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What about indies?

Pevin was careful to stress that this doesn’t mean Target is abandoning its traditional customers. “The indie sector isn’t going away anytime soon, but we also need to be speaking to other kinds of reseller and larger organisations. Our largest customer of all sells exclusively on eBay.”

Another example of Target trying to make a bigger name for itself is over the issue of shipping costs. Broadline distie Ingram Micro recently announced it was going to pass on the full cost of shipping to its customers. Target clearly saw that as an opportunity to do the opposite.

In a recent press release, Pevin said: “We have decided to sacrifice a small amount of our margin and pass that on to the segment of the channel most affected by rising fuel costs...the independent retailers, etailers, VARs and system builders.” Now you get free next day delivery on online orders over £500.

Other new offerings from Target include the Frequent Flyer facility and a new Laptop Store. Finally, Target’s celebrating its ten year anniversary next week with an all day event at its offices in Castleford that looks like fun.

Biostar at Computex 2008

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What good is exclusive deals when it is almost impossible for individuals to buy them. Buy them from ebay? No thanks. There is only one e-tailer that I know of and would use that stock Biostar boards, but they do not have a great selection. The question to Biostar is this, I want to purchase Biostar T-Power I45 and one from the Biostar TA790GX Series, I am unable, WHY?
Try calling your local computer retailer to order the board - we have a couple of thousand retailers throughout the British Isles, so there is a strong chance they already have an account and can order the board for you.
Alternatively, try contacting your preferred etailer to request the board. We have stock in the UK (and stock arriving daily) so you should have no more than a couple of day's wait.
If you prefer not to do either, drop us an email to (sales) at targetcomponents.co.uk (or any of the contact emails on our site) and we will happily recommend a choice of retailers in your area.



I can't be exact but around 4/5 weeks ago I filled in one of your contact forms requesting if you dealt direct with the public and if not a reseller list, I received no reply
If thats the case then apologies, we receive dozens of similar questions every day, and in this case the email may have been lost in transit or overlooked. Please email (sales) at targetcomponents.co.uk and we will endeavour to provide a list of retailers we deal with in your area as quickly as possible, and we can also provide you with links to customers currently stocking these boards.
On a similar note, we are currently in negotiations with e-tailers who are keen on stocking Biostar motherboards, so your problems sourcing Biostar shouldn't last much longer.