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Exclusive: Patriot launches UK offensive

by Scott Bicheno on 24 September 2010, 17:43

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Regarding SSDs, Jones said: "Our firmware updates are superior to the other guys," and added he'd read that one of its SSD competitors saw a 50 percent performance degradation over time due to inadequate firmware updates. Again he didn't name any names but we have a feeling the company in question dabbles in CPUs too.

There's even differentiation to be had in the USB flash market. Patriot has a new range called the Rage Quad Channel USB. We asked what the significance of ‘quad channel' is and Jones replied "That means it's faster than shit!" before reflecting on whether or not that was an especially apposite simile.

Patriot even has a range of media players called Box Office that is going to see a significant refresh at CES in January.

We still think Patriot has its work cut out for it with so many strong incumbents like Kingston and Corsair to take on, but Jones seemed pretty determined to crack the UK. That will mean more competition in the memory and flash storage, which should result in better deals for consumers.




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Patriot SSD's had major problems according to many forums. I doubt I would buy one!
Push with who? Etailers hardly seem to sell different makes of RAM these days.