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55nm GPU shortage predicted

by Sylvie Barak on 6 October 2009, 10:05


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Not enough to go around

There have been worrying reports from the Asian channel that buyers will likely experience a shortage of 55nm-based GPUs, well into the first quarter of 2010, as AMD and NVIDIA shift their focus to slog it out on the 40nm DirectX 11 battleground.

The Taiwanese paper, Commercial Times, reported the purported shortages this morning, citing anonymous retail channel sources, but an AMD spokesman told HEXUS he wasn't aware of any issues, noting "we're not having any challenges with 55nm supply." 

On the other hand, NVIDIA is apparently firing on all cylinders to get its next generation ‘Fermi' GPUs out the door, and word is that the graphics giant won't be increasing its GT200-series GPU supply so as not to create a glut of inventory before releasing its new product - purportedly by the end of 2009.   

We contacted NVIDIA to ask whether or not the company was aware of any potential 55nm GPU supply shortages, but we were told the firm would not comment on rumour and speculation.

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Depends what they mean by shortage. I think both companies are moving to selling less stock upfront and instead reducing inventory times, which should enable them to react quicker to changes in market conditions without actually affect availablity for the end-user. The people who lose out are the likes of the Taiwanese channel who can no-longer bulk-buy quite so much at a large discount.