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AMD set to struggle to meet demand for ATI Radeon HD 5800 series

by Willy Deeplung on 21 September 2009, 15:23


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First serving not enough

HEXUS has sampled a selection of sauces, and they're telling tales about how AMD won't be able to keep up with initial orders for its upcoming Radeon graphics cards.

Garnished with reports of a demand that's been unprecedented in recent years, the Radeon menu looks likely to be a three course serving of sweet and sour for AMD.

As an appealing appetiser, HEXUS has established that advance orders for AMD's upcoming ATI Radeon HD 5870 and Radeon HD 5850 haven't just simmered, the dish has boiled over, which is more than some quarters of AMD seem to have hoped, let alone planned for.

Further helpings of sauce reveal that AMD AIB partners in EMEA, have (unbeknownst to each of their competitors) been thrilled by the size of their own portion of the pre-order pie. HEXUS was served up such sizzling quotes as "we can't believe the [high level of] demand", "I've never seen this in years" and "we could sell everything we can get our hands on".

And our inspection of the steamy kitchen even revealed one AMD chef, blinking in incredulity at their cookie of good fortune, who exclaimed "it's ********* amazing!"

Not wanting to waste a good metaphor, it looks like the Chez Radeon is fully booked for weeks to come. However, there still remains the small matter of serving up the dishes...