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BETT 2009: New Intel classmate makes a splash

by Scott Bicheno on 14 January 2009, 16:07

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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Laptop ubiquity

The buzz around BETT (British Education Training and Technology show) this year is very much about laptops for schools.

However, where in the past these would have been restricted to use in ICT labs, we should see every school kid in future have a laptop of their own, which they use both at home and at school.

With the netbook boom now over a year old, it's finally become economically viable for every child to have one and this opens up a ton of technological and this commercial opportunities.

This is nowhere better illustrated than in the form of the convertible classmate, the latest addition to Intel's classmate school laptop range. The reason this one's called convertible is that it's tablet-like, with a swivel touch-screen.

It was only launched last week at CES and Eugene Hsu (pictured, holding the convertible), who is the director of the education ecosystem enabling team at Intel, told us more about it. In the process he went some way towards explaining his rather elaborate job title.