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Nuance and CU announce education programme

by Scott Bicheno on 2 April 2008, 17:22

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Education unlimited

Nuance – the software vendor probably best known for speech recognition product Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) – has teamed up with its new distributor – Computers Unlimited – to offer special products and solutions to resellers specialising in academia and charitable institutions.

Essentially this allows resellers operating in the education and charity markets to offer their customers Nuance’s core products at discounted rates.

DNS, which converts speech into writing on a PC, is presumably popular among sight-impaired users or anyone who has trouble using a keyboard. Omnipage – another Nuance product – is a leading OCR (optical character recognition) product used to convert paper into digital information.

The new programme, developed by Nuance and their new distribution partner Computers Unlimited, offers exclusive boxed products, site license options and bundles to students, schools, Further and Higher education institutions, as well as Charities.

CU has its roots in the Apple channel and still does a lot of Mac and iPod-related business. This heritage gave it a good foothold in the creative software market, through companies like Adobe and Quark, and the education sector, so the Nuance deal seems like a logical fit.

It’s most recent annual turnover figures totalled £80m.

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