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Exertis signs distribution agreement with holî

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London, UK. - October 8th, 2014. Exertis, one of the largest IT and Home Entertainment distributors in the UK, has today announced a new partnership with holî. Holî provides the Smart Lamp and Sleep Companion products to create a new and innovative way of lighting.

Unleash creativity with the holî SmartLamp; create personalised lighting effects and transform the décor of any room! The SmartLamp can match every moment and mood with a burst of colour whether it is a festive feel your customers are looking for, or to enhance a romantic atmosphere.

Make light dance with the holî SmartLamp, providing real light shows perfectly synchronised with the user's music. The Music for your Eyes app enables users to harmonise light effects matching the music on an iPod, iPhone or iPad - there is something for every music taste.

With the ‘Gentle Wake Up' lighting feature, the holî SmartLamp gradually lights up a room imitating sunrise, beginning from 20 minutes before the user rises from their sleep, gently preparing the body for waking up.  

The SleepCompanion is also a new lighting solution from holî, clinically proven to help the user get the sleep they need. Analyse sleep patterns and synchronise with their body's biological rhythm to generate the right amount of light at the right time.  The light of the SleepCompanion also adjusts to the hour of the day to perfectly match sleep patterns, whilst its dimming and relaxation features prepare your body for a natural sleep.

Danielle Barker, Consumer Electronics Category Manager for Exertis (Home Division), commented "holî offer a fun and vibrant product which will sit well with the UK retailers.  The outstanding quality of the product coupled with inventive technology will suit a wide variety of consumers, we're really excited to be working with them"

Holî is now available to buy from Exertis. Please contact your account manager today for more information.

About Vendor

Founded in Lyon, France, in January 2012 by Grégoire Gérard (a smart device designer) and Jérôme Schonfeld (an entrepreneur specialising in electronics), holî's vision is to bring home lighting into the digital era. The holî Smartlamp is the fruit of 18 months of R&D and is protected by 3 patents. Complement to the lamp, holî is also the maker of a smart connected light-bulb SleepCompanionTM, a Bluetooth Low Energy enabled light to get a better sleep.

About Exertis

Exertis (UK) Ltd is the leading technology distributor in the UK and a wholly owned subsidiary of parent company DCC plc, a FTSE 250 company. After 33 years of profitability Exertis UK continues to outperform the market, quadrupling its business in the last five years and achieving revenues approaching £2 billion in FY2014.

Exertis (UK) Ltd represents over 200 manufacturers in the UK alone, spanning more than 25,000 products across mobile, computing and accessories, consumer electronics, entertainment, print, networking, servers and solutions, unified communications, security and AV solutions. Exertis' market-leading approach, teamed with a state-of-the-art distribution centre, next day delivery and a host of managed services, including end-user fulfilment, assures the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction at all times.