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KFA2 Appoints Target As Official UK Distributor

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Graphics card manufacturer KFA2 has named Target Components as official UK distributor.

KFA2 is the premium Nvidia brand of Galaxy, allowing it to produce factory overclocked cards that have been designed by gamers, specifically for gamers.

With over 16 years' experience manufacturing graphics cards, this level of design has resulted in KFA2 taking several World Records, most recently for the fastest air-cooled GTX 780 on the market in 2013.

Designed specifically for the European market, KFA2 manufactures graphics cards in distinctive, eye-catching packaging, ideal for retail environments.

Because KFA2 uses only fans and PCBs designed in-house, their VGAs also look unique. Several, such as the signature EX OC, LTD OC and HOF ranges, feature white PCBs and dual or triple fans along with custom heatpipes, allowing for up to 20% faster speeds than standard GTX 780s.

The KFA2 range also includes the newly-released GTX 750 and GTX 750 Ti cards, the first to use the latest Maxwell GPU architecture. They are factory-overclocked more than 100Mhz beyond stock speeds, yet the new hyper-efficient architecture reduces power consumption dramatically.

Target's Head of Purchasing, Kevin Barber, explained the appointment: "KFA2 is a great retail range that's factory-overclocked as standard with really unique features and at least 2-year's warranty.  The cards are unique and exceptionally well-presented, enhancing our gaming range with a truly exciting offering."

KFA2's Marketing Manager added, "Target's access to independent and specialist retailers allows KFA2 to continue to expand our customer reach and create market demand."

The KFA2 range is available at Target Components now. See www.targetcomponents.co.uk for more information.