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Hosting Web Pages with Thecus N5200 Series

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Press release

For webpage designers, it is always troublesome to find a host to publish the webpage on the World Wide Web.

Although there are thousand of web hosting services on the Internet, one can not help to worry about data security with those services on the Internet, not to mention monthly fee is usually required. It would be handy to have your own host where all the elements on the webpage are securely stored without additional expense.

Thecus gives you just the solution, running your own web server on N5200 and N5200PRO. Webserver module for N5200 series is available at Thecus official website Download Center. All users need to do is simply download, unzip, and install the module and your own web server is ready. Detailed descriptions are included in the download.

Webserver module on N5200 series supports Apache web server, PHP, and SQLite. Integrating NAS and web technology, web content is stored in one location — a share folder on the NAS system. The administrators are able to take advantages of the numerous benefits of NAS:

  • Web content is securely protected by RAID technology and access control.
  • Administrators are able to perform management tasks of web contents easily.
  • Maximum of 5TB of storage is provided.

Webpage designers and administrators will enjoy the integration of Thecus NAS servers and web server technology for the security and convenience it brings.