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AMD CEO: “We’re going to turn into a cashflow machine”

by Sylvie Barak on 12 November 2009, 15:00


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Changing the game

AMD's CEO, Dirk Meyer, was upbeat yesterday morning as he presented an overview of his firm's near future, declaring "the game has changed" and that AMD would be redefining the way people interacted with their PCs going forward.

"We're on the verge of making the game changer," said Meyer, whilst reiterating AMD's commitment to the four cornerstones of profitability, focus, execution and transformation. Little did we know at the time what AMD was about to announce.

Indeed, over the course of 2009, Meyer has had to steer his firm through a crippled economy, $3.6 billion in debt, a spin-off of AMD's fabs into GlobalFoundries and the sale of various bits and bobs of its consumer business.

But the new found focus does seem to be paying off somewhat, with the firm's product group actually claiming a profit in recent quarterly earnings results, despite the fact that on paper the company still made a net loss of $128 million, owing to still being somewhat entangled financially with GlobalFoundries.

Meyer, whose firm recently came out with the most advanced GPUs currently available on the market, said it wasn't necessarily the technology behind the products that really mattered, rather it was the "user experience."