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Microsoft responds to Windows COA complaint

by Scott Bicheno on 23 June 2009, 09:40

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), ITACS

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Storm in a teacup?

Last week we told you about a complaint from indie trade association ITACS that some of its members were having trouble reinstalling Windows for customers on whose PCs the COA sticker has either become damaged or lost.

The primary issue seemed to be that Microsoft was referring end-users back to the manufacturer of the PC in order to get a replacement COA - an additional piece of hassle that risked leaving the customer dissatisfied with both the indie and Microsoft.

Today we spoke to Alison Dodd, who is the senior director for OEM at Microsoft UK, to ask her for her response. "All they need to do to get a new COA is call the customer activation centre on 0800 018 8364 and answer a few questions to verify proof of purchase," said Dodd.

Seems simple enough, although Microsoft could clearly do a better job of advertising this facility if even professionals are unaware of it. Dodd also offered another number - 0870 607 0700 - which is a hotline specifically for Microsoft partners to raise issues such as these.

Dodd assured us that she would be trying to speak to ITACS directly to address this complaint. In addition, we would like to hear from any end-users or Microsoft partners, who have used either of these hotlines, to find out if they function as described.