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CEBIT 2005: ATI Celebrate 20 years in style

by Nick Haywood on 16 March 2005, 00:00

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ATI celebrate 20 years in style

CeBIT is huge. I mean really huge. Like, really, really, really huge. Enormous. Massive. To get some idea of just how big it is, you could fit two football pitches into the smaller halls and probably 8 in the larger ones… and there’s 27 main halls and a further dozen or so smaller pavilions.

Each one is jam packed with a selection of the 6,500 exhibitors, all of them vying for your attention. ATI have gone down a different route though. You can forget your impressive stand with flashy lights and dancing girls. You can keep your little corner of the hall and the competing for everyone’s attention.

ATI have shown the ultimate in exhibitionism and hired themselves an ENTIRE hall. Yep, Halle 27 is ATI world. Decked out in corporate red, ATI show of their goods safe in the knowledge that the only thing to distract you is yet more ATI.

There’s plenty here to see too, with a gaming museum that brought a tear to my eye, a laptop wall of fame, AMD Team 64’s Bootcamp and of course, stands from many of ATI’s partners.

There’s no doubting it, ATI are certainly making some serious noise here, their domination of an entire hall, the amount of time and money they’ve spent on giving a history of ATI’s development through the years… it’s all very impressive.

And just next to them, in the back of the hall is the WCG arena, showing that ATI is truly committed to the gamer as well as laying on the most lavish and impressive exhibition stand I’ve seen at CeBIT… Well, it is their birthday….